caustic soda flake

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Technical specifications of caustic soda   H.S.Code Nr.28151200

Brand: Caustic Soda

Scientific name: Sodium Hydroxide

Chemical formula: Na-OH

Melting point: 1390 ° C

Density: 2.13

The molecular weight of caustic soda: 01/40

The melting point of interest: 12 ° C

Spot boiling point: 140 ° C

Relative density of percolation: 53.1% (50% solution), 2 at 5.5 ° C (solution 73% -70%)

Peroxide solubility in water: 109 g / 100 ml at 20 ° C

Highly soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, and methanol


Caustic soda is known as Sodium Hydroxide, a chemical substance used in the industry. It is an odourless, white crystalline, transparent, non-volatile, and highly corrosive, which absorbs air humidity easily.
When dissolved with water or neutralized with acid, it produces a considerable amount of heat.


Caustic soda has a variety of features, which make this highly consumable material in many industries very popular.

Among these features are the following:

  • Strong fat and oil remover

  • Neutralize acidic environments

  • PH adjuster

Caustic Soda usage

Due to caustic soda factors, it has used in many different industries. Here is a brief list of these industries. In the food industry: milk industry, canning, olive sweetening, water treatment, chocolate production, cocoa and caramel production, vegetable and fruit washing,

soft drinks, oil refining, sugar, and sugar production. In the metal and electroplating industries: metal, zinc, aluminium, galvanizing and electroplating, glass.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry

  • In the cosmetic industry

  • In the alcohol industry

  • In the battery industry and neutralizing the acid

  • In the ceramic tile industry

  • In the industries of detergents and soaps

  • In the paper and carton industry

  • In the oil and gas industry

  • In the textile and leather industries

  • In Rose Painting Industries

  • In oil and gas and petrochemical industries

  • In the chemical industry

  • In the silk industry

  • In laboratories to determine the concentration of acids in experiments

  • In the glue manufacturing industry

  • In industries as the disinfectant

  • Recovery of rubber


Proper Shipping Name: Sodium Hydroxide Solid (Caustic soda)

Hazard Class: 8

UN Number: 1823

Packaging Group: II

Packaging Caustic soda: 25 kgs 2 layers laminate PP ( 1 MT Big Bag or Pallet with cover is optional )

Caustic soda prices: Negotiable, depending on the amount of the order

Payment terms: T/T 100% cash in advance

Min order of Caustic soda: 1 * 20 ft FCL

Delivery time: Within 10-15 days after we receive the payment

Origin: Iran

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