gypsum ore crystal


Gypsum Ore Crystal

Gypsum is the fifth non-metallic mineral in the earth crust. It has impurities with a chemical formula Caso4.2H2o
If these impurities enter the structure at the mineral formation stage, it is called primed impurities.
Impurities may eventually penetrate the rock structure due to the gypsum dispersion, which will be secondary impurities.
The degree of purity of stone is determined by the amount of gypsum in it.

Gypsum is white even with some impurities in it. But in an ideal and totally pure condition, it will be crystalline.
Although the possibility of crystal gypsum and pure in nature is very weak, our company is the main manufacturer of this product in the world. Customers can contact the sales office for getting the sample, product analysis and contract.

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