Gypsum Ore

#Gypsum Consumption:

Fillings, #pharmaceuticals, dental casting and jewelry molds


Celestine or Celestite with the chemical formula SrSO4, composed of strontium #sulfate, it’s so called because sometimes seen in soft blue. This mineral is brittle, crystalline forms or sometimes fiber is formed. majorly is the main ore in the production of Sr and usually extracted in the open way and manually.The most important industrial use of strontium is as following:
In the #fireworks for making red lacquer, and the military industry and its various components such as strontium #nitrate, peroxide and oxalate used to# make flares and tracer.In the Electra-Ceramic industry, Strontium Carbonate and Iron Oxide mixed at high temperatures and converted to ferrite. The resulting powder is sinter at 1200 ° C and a substance obtained with very high magnetic properties.Strontium #Carbonate and its compounds have other usages in medicine,# metallurgy industry, providing grease, #dye and so on.



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