Gilsonite Usage
Gilsonite using as below application
Gilsonite is mineral Bitumen and its quality is like Petroleum Gilsonite and there is no difference between them. The only Gilsonite is in Lump mode but Petroleum Gilsonite is
refinery product from Oil that is in Drum and therefore Gilsonite price is very lower than Petroleum MD approximately lower than half of the Gilsonite price.
Gilsonite can mix with petroleum MD like MD 60/ 70 with additives of Mazut (low-quality fuel oil), or SBS ( styrene butadiene styrene copolymer) for using in Asphalt
Industries, Gilsonite factories and Waterproof roofing factories.
Waterproof roofing factories normally mixing Gilsonite with SBS ( styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymer) and then using it in place of Bitumen or oxidized bitumen.
When Asphalt companies using Gilsonite their Asphalt will not break in cold weathers and hot weather it will not melt Very soon.
Gilsonite has different usage in the industry as:
۱٫ Gilsonite for road construction and asphalt
۲٫ Gilsonite for roof insulation and isolation
۳٫ Gilsonite for oil drilling as drilling mud
۴٫ Gilsonite for Ink, Paint and Coat
۵٫ Gilsonite is combined with coal to produce coke that has used in different industries such as foundry sands, glass industry, …

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