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Micronize Gilsonite

 Micronized Gilsonite powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ashes between 0 and 25 percent


1- (25kg±5%) multi-layer laminate bags.
2- (25kg±5%) multi-layer paper bags.
3- (25kg±5%) multi-layer sacks.
These Products can be palletized, shrinked and wrapped  according to customer’s request.

Micronized and Granulized Gilsonite production lines:

 Our company is working with experts who are capable of processing Gilsonite lump into micronized powder with 80 to 400 mesh sizes. We are also capable of processing Gilsonite lump into annualized Gilsonite with 30 to 40 mesh sizes.

Gilsonite lump production line:

We are equipped to separate the sands from Gilsonite piles which are conveyed from the mine to the plant and make grading according to customer’s satisfaction.

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