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Packaging of bitumen

Bitumen jumbo bags are designed and produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to the customer’s request, with or without laminate.

In laminated bags, a laminated cover layer is used to make the bag to prevent moisture from penetrating into the bag.
Of course, some manufacturers produce polyethylene bags depending on the use of the bag and the customer’s order. These bags are more resistant to the penetration of moisture and humidity.

Jumbo bag with open entrance

The jumbo bag with fully open entrance has holes and ropes in the entrance part which, after filling, are used to collect the entrance opening.

Jumbo bag with full lid

In this type of jumbo bag, there is a lid at the entrance, which is installed to protect the bitumen inside the bag against various factors. Of course, through this lid, the materials and contents inside the bag can be easily accessed.

Big bag with leaf at the entrance

In this type of jumbo bag, in the entrance part, in order to further protect the contents of the bag, a funnel is usually made of fabric, which allows access to the materials inside the jumbo bag through this funnel..

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