We are specialized in the procurement of sea salt, rock salt, recrystallized, and refined salt. We are able to adjust most of the parameters such as production grain size, moisture content, packaging (including private labels), etc., according to our customers’ requests and market demands.

The products are used in many different sectors from water treatment, food industrial, Petrochemical, textile & dyeing, industrial, metal processing, rubber manufacturing, oil & gas drilling, pigment manufacture, ceramics manufacture, soap making, detergent production and so on.

Usage of salt

Usage of salt are different:

  • ۶% of the salt in food.
  • ۱۲%  in water conditioning processes
  • ۸% goes for de-icing highways
  • ۶% of agriculture
  • The rest (68%) used for manufacturing and other industrial processes

First of all sodium chloride is one of the largest inorganic raw materials.

As a result, Its major chemical products are caustic soda and chlorine. the electrolysis of a pure brine solution separated. These uses in the manufacture of PVC, plastics, paper pulp, and many other inorganics and organic compounds. It used in the manufacture of soaps and glycerine and added to the vat to precipitate out the saponified products.

As an emulsifier, salt used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, and another use is in the firing of pottery, when salt added to the furnace vaporizes before condensing onto the surface of the ceramic material, forming a strong glaze.

When drilling through loose materials such as sand or gravel, salt added to the drilling fluid to provide a stable “wall” to prevent the hole collapsing. These include its use as a mordant in textile dying, to regenerate resins in water softening, for the tanning of hides, the preservation of meat and fish and the canning of meat and vegetables

It has also been used in tanning, dyeing and bleaching, and the production of pottery, soap, and chlorine. Today, it is widely used in the chemical industry.

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